Waralee wrap pants: Cutting Instructions


Waralee consists of two mirrored pieces of fabric. They are basically big rectangles with pieces missing. As such, it is easier to print out the part you need to cut out and measure the rest, than it is to print out everything and cut the pattern the traditional way.

That said, the pattern is available both ways. So you can print out the whole thing, tape all the pages together, and use that to cut out the fabric, if you prefer. But we recommend only printing the part that you need to cut out.

You will need to print out the pockets and pocket facings in the traditional way.


  • Main fabric
    • Cut 2 pants parts.
    • (Optional) Cut 2 Pocket parts on the fold.
    • Cut 4 backPocket parts
    • Cut 4 frontFacing parts
    • Cut 4 backFacing parts

You can cut the Pocket and backPocket parts out of a lining fabric if you prefer but this will only be needed if you deviate from the recommended main fabrics.


Pattern part 2 is just for when you want to make the pants without printing everything. Since this is just a couple of rectangles (with a slanted side), you can just use a ruler to cut out the main part. Then you use Part 2 to cut out the crotch part. Save a tree.

Part 2 has a negative seam allowance, since you’ll be using it opposite of what you normally use the pattern parts for.

If you opt for the cut-out method, use the paperless view to see all the dimensions of the pattern. You will need to cut a narrow strip out from what will become the front, and a small triangle and strip from what will become the back. And in the middle between these will be the little cut-out pattern piece. Make sure you measure this correctly, and you have the fabric squared before you start cutting.