Cornelius cycling breeches: Fabric Options

Main Fabric

Any bottom (trouser) weight material will work fine for this pattern. Generally you want to avoid anything that is over 7oz (230gsm) as this will more likely be too stiff and uncomfortable. You want something that provides a bit of warmth whilst still being able to drape such as Corduroy or Medium Weight Suiting fabrics. If you are looking for something more historically correct, then Medium weight wool suiting is the way to go. Linen is also an option, especially if you would like something that isn’t too warm.


Remember that this garment is intended for cycling so needs to be able to move with your legs when pedalling!

Lining (Pocket) Fabric

Basic Cotton will do the trick for the pocket bags. If you got left over cotton from another project you can easily use it up for these pockets. Remember that these are intended for cycling so you don’t want anything too fancy.


If you have anything you typically use for pockets in trousers that will work too.


This pattern requires the waistband to be interfaced. We recommend using a Hair Cloth for the interfacing, you can either use fusible or non-fusible which ever you prefer. If you do not have access to hair cloth you can use any medium to firm interfacing you deem appropriate for waistbands.


If your main fabric is quite light, you may need to interface your leg bands and zipper guard with a light weight interfacing.