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Announcing FreeSewing v2.18: Congratulations, it's a Yuri

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of FreeSewing v2.18 and our latest addition to our catalog of designs: The Yuri hoodie . Designed by Hellgy and coded by their bae Biou, Yuri is everything they love about our Huey hoodie sans their arch enemy: zippers.

Announcing Ursula, a basic, highly-customizable underwear pattern

FreeSewing 2.17 is out, and it while it comes with many fixes and improvements, the biggest news is certainly a brand new pattern: The Ursula Undies by US-based designer Natalia Sayang.

FreeSewing 2.16 comes with React 17 and Webpack 5

We released FreeSewing v2.16 today. To the casual observer, there's not that many changes. And for users of this website, that's certainly the case.

Charlie Chinos: who wants some new trousers?

We've just published FreeSewing v2.15 and it comes with a new pattern: The Charlie Chinos trouser pattern.

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