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A collection of bow ties from Wouter, who designed and coded this pattern

The Benjamin Bow Tie is now available in beta

Announcing the Benjamin Bow Tie, our first ever community pattern.

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Monthly roundup; October 2017 edition

A roundup of all the freesewing news of the last month

This purple Huey hoodie is the first of its kind. Now it's your turn

The Huey Hoodie is now available in beta

Announcing the Huey Hoodie, and an explanation of what it means for a pattern to be in beta.

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The Benjamin pattern


Benjamin is a bow tie that comes with a variety of options to control pretty much every aspect of your bow tie.

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Anne's husband Sigvard is a trainer at <a target='_BLANK' href=''>the local kick boxing club</a>. Hence the name <em>fighter hoodie</em>

hugo by Anne Lyth

The fighter hoodie: Hugo with a zip

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