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This release brought to you from Bangkok

Core 1.8: Jaeger and no more across back

Jaeger is a sport coat style jacket with two buttons and patch pockets

Your new login background for the month of March

Monthly roundup; February 2018 edition

A roundup of all the freesewing news of the last month

I do a lot of my design work on the train. Trains are fast. This plugin makes you fast. You get the idea.

Announcing a freesewing snippets plugin for vim

Speed up your pattern design work with our clever snippets plugin for the most badass editor known to peoplekind. Bonus: video

This image is probably the only thing in the post you can skim diagonally

Our battle plan for GDPR compliance

In 100 days, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union goes into force. Here's our plan.

Your new login background for the month of February

Monthly roundup; January 2018 edition

A roundup of all the freesewing news of the last month

Picture you and him, in matching coats.

Announcing the Carlita Coat

Announcing the Carlita coat, the womenswear version of our Carlton coat pattern.

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That constrasting buttonhole packet is a great touch.

simon by Allie

A speckled simon by Allie for her husband

There's some really quality posing in this set.

simon by JV Hampton-VanSant

A Wonder Women simon by JV

Is it me, or does this seriously overload one's cute sensors?

simon by ecmtts

Matching simon shirts for these two cuties

Ksenia made this Sven for her man.

sven by Ksenia

Sven in grey terry A grey terry Sven

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