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The basics

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Freesewing essentials

If you're not familiar with Freesewing, our Freesewing essentials guide will bring you up to speed.

Use the fork, Luke

This website not only drafts patterns, you can also fork drafts.

To fork a draft is to take its settings and preload them as defaults for your own draft.

Forking is especially useful for complex patterns with many options.

For makers

Pattern docs

Pattern docs

A drafted pattern is just the start. These instructions will guide you from draft to completed garment.

We have docs for: Aaron, Brian, Bruce, Cathrin, Hugo, Simon, Sven, Tamiko, Theo, Theodore, Trayvon, Wahid, Benjamin, Bent, Carlita, Carlton, Florent, Huey, and Jaeger.

For designers

Pattern design tutorial

Pattern design tutorial

A step by step tutorial that walks you through the process of what it takes to design a made-to-measure pattern.


We've grouped a number of basic things that you should get before you take a deeper dive in our pattern design tutorial.

Designer theme

Our designer theme renders your pattern with all the point data included. Handy while designing.

Freesewing for business

You can use freesewing to underpin your pattern business, we even encourage it.

For developers

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Core API documentation

Freesewing core comes with hand-crafted API documentation that will (hopefully) answer all your questions.


If you're new to freesewing, this overview of key concepts will get you up to speed in no time.

Developer theme

Our developer theme alows you to drill down into the objects and methods used to generate your draft.

API cheat sheet

Never guess how to call a method again, thanks to this handy cheat sheet to the core API.

For contributors


Our repository overview and infrastructure page shows how we collaborate to build, test, and deploy freesewing.


Our entire website is open source. We have documentation on how to add or update information on it, or suggest changes or improvements.

Hang out with us

The freesewing community on Gitter is the best place to ask questions, meet other freesewers, or just hang out and share a laugh.

More reading material

Try the blog, you might like it

Documentation can get pretty dry. Our blog might be a good palate cleanser.

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