Skully: Fabric Options

Main Fabric

This plush toy is best made from a felt type of fabric. This will provide extra rigidity to keep the shape correct, while still allowing it to be a plush toy. Thin and stretchy fabrics are not well suited, because the shape will change considerably due to tensions from the stuffing.


Skully needs hair. Embroidery floss works very well, and can be had in all colors.


Since this is a plush toy, it will need to be stuffed with material. Most of the time you’ll want to use polyester fiberfill (polyfill), but if you have a lot of fabric scraps, you can use shredded scrap fabric. However this may be heavier and less soft than fiberfill. It’s also worth thinking about whether your Hi may be at risk of getting dirty, or want to go for a swim, as not all stuffing options are washable.


Skully has traded his sword for a needle. A needle this size is mostly sold as upholstery needles. This will come in handy when doing some of the touch-ups at the end of the construction.