Octoplushy, the plushy octopus: Fabric Options

Main and Contrast Body Fabrics (Upper body and legs, belly and underside legs)

This plush toy is intended to have two different coloured fabrics, one for the upper body and top side of the legs, one for the belly and underside of the legs.

Octoplushy is designed for faux fur fabric, which most plush toys are made from, but you could also use polar fleece, felt, denim, corduroy, or anything moderately heavy. Lightweight or drapey fabrics may not hold Octoplushy’s shape well when stuffed. Fabrics with a two-way stretch will work better than wovens, the stretch should be perpendicular to the grainline.


Since this is a plush toy, it will need to be stuffed with material. Most of the time you’ll want to use polyester fiberfill (polyfill), but if you have a lot of fabric scraps, you can use shredded scrap fabric. However this may be heavier and less soft than fiberfill. It’s also worth thinking about whether your Octoplushy may be at risk of getting dirty, or want to go for a swim, as not all stuffing options are washable.