Lumira leggings: Fabric Options

Main Fabric

This pattern requires a stretch fabric. The stretch needs to be perpendicular to the grainline. There is no stretch required along the grainline, but a 4-way stretch fabric can definitely be used. Not all stretch fabrics have the same amount of stretch. The default ease value of -5% works well for fabrics that have 60% stretch. If your fabric has a different amount of stretch, you may want to adjust this setting accordingly. Reduce the ease when your fabric has more stretch. Getting the ease right is very important for getting a good fit.

These fabrics come in different weights. Pick one that works for how you intent to use it. Thicker fabrics provide more support and warmth.

For yoga pants, take something that has a medium thickness. Supplex is a good choice for this. It also works well for cycling. For other athletic use fabrics that would be appropriate for that. Most fabrics that contain spandex will work.


This pattern doesn’t have a side seam, so fabrics with interesting patterns will not be distorted.