Hugo hoodie: Cutting Instructions

  • Main fabric
    • Cut 1 front on the fold
    • Cut 1 back on the fold
    • Cut 2 sleeves, good sides together
    • Cut 1 pocket on the fold
    • Cut 2 pocket facing(s), good sides together
    • Cut 4 Hood side(s), 2x2 good sides together
    • Cut 2 hood center(s), good sides together
    • Cut 1 neck binding
  • Ribbing
    • Cut 2 cuff(s)
    • Cut 1 waistband
  • sleeve: There’s a single notch at the front, and a double notch at the back. These notches match on the front and back parts respectively.
  • pocket facing and hood: Watch out for the grainlines on these parts

Because Hugo’s raglan sleeve also covers a portion of the back and front, the sleeve is the dominant feature of your draft.