Bibi Body Block: What You Need

To make Bibi, you will need the following:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • About 1 - 3 metres (1.1 - 3.3 yards) of a suitable fabric (see Bibi Fabric options)
    • A short crop top without sleeves needs probably less than a meter, a long dress with sleeves needs much more fabric.
A serger/overlock is nice, but optional

As with all knitwear and stretch fabrics, a serger/overlock will make your life easier. If you do not have one of those, don’t despair. You don’t really need it. All serged seams on Bibi can also be sewn with a short, narrow zigzag stitch (~2 mm wide) on a standard sewing machine.

Bibi is a pattern building block

Bibi can be sewn as a simple top, but is mostly designed as a building block for other patterns or custom designs.

You may want to finish the hem, armholes, and neck using knit bands, knit binding or ribbing fabric. In this case, you may need additional material.