User Experience

This setting allows you to control what sort of a user experience you want. One that is more simple, with advanced features hidden. Or one that has all bells and whistles.

FreeSewing is a rather advanced platform, and that can be intimidating for new users. This setting was created to allow people to start simple, and then unlock more features later.

Levels and Features

Each User Experience level adds additional features and settings to the ones provided by the levels below it.

LevelPattern Drafting UIAccount Settings
1Settings: Units
Views: Pattern Editor, Pattern Measurements, Print Layout, Save Pattern As, Export Pattern, Documentation

Data: Patterns, Measurement Sets
Settings: User Experience
Patterns: Name, Image
Measurement Sets: Name, Image, Units
2Settings: Seam Allowance, Paperless
UI: Kiosk Mode
Views: Pattern Logs

Data: Bookmarks
Info: Username, Bio, Img
Settings: Language, Units, Newsletter Subscription, Consent & Privacy
Security: Password
Patterns: Notes, Created, Updated
Measurement Sets: Notes, Created, Updated
3Settings: Language
Views: Test Design, Time Design

Info: Email Address
Settings: Metricset Comparison
Security: Two-Factor Authentication
Social: GitHub, Instagram, Mastodon, Reddit, Twitch, TikTok, Website
Patterns: Public
Measurement Sets: Public


Settings: Details, Expand, Included Parts, Scale, Margin
UI: Render Engine
Views: Edit Settings by Hand, Pattern Inspector
Data: API Keys
Security: API Keys
Patterns: ID
Measurement Sets: ID


(“Are you sure?” confirmation guardrails removed.)

(“Are you sure?” confirmation guardrails removed.)