Aaron A-Shirt: Designer Notes

Aaron is — like most patterns I design — born out of necessity. I needed an A-shirt to wear under shirts when it gets a bit colder, and I try to only wear clothes made from FreeSewing patterns, so Aaron was born.

Aaron’s been around for many years and has been made by several people, so you can consider this a staple of FreeSewing’s design catalogue.

On it’s own, it’s a rather straight-forward design. It extends the Brian block and has an array of options to tweak the outcome,

There’s a few things that are special about Aaron, FreeSewing trivia if you will:

  • Aaron is what I refer designers to when they have questions on how to do something. It’s always first in the list (because it starts with double A), always the first to get new features, be migrated to a new version, and so on. Aaron is sort of FreeSewing’s canary design. Everything that happens happens to Aaron first.
  • I named this design aaron in memory of Aaron Swartz. Rest in peace brother.