Lumira leggings: Sewing Instructions


This is a garment made from a stretch fabric. So use appropriate seam solutions. A serger is a good way to do this, as are specific stitches that certain sewing machine provide. A zigzag stitch will do if that’s all you have.

Keep in mind that since these seams are always under tension, it may be a good idea to double them up, or provide a zigzag in addition to serging the seam.

Step 1: The waistband (optional)

  • Sew the two pieces to each other, right sides together, along the top seam.
  • Press the seam open
  • Sew the back seam, right sides together. This creates a loop.

If you want to include elastic into the waistband, now is a good time to do so. You should add it to the seam you just sewed.

Step 2: The legs

  • Sew each leg along the long seam to itself. This will result in two ‘pipes’ of your fabric.

Step 3: Combine

  • Sew the two pieces together along the back seam. This seam is marked with ’+‘.

Step 4: Gusset preparation

  • If you have a front bulge in your gusset, sew the middle ‘dart’ closed first.
  • If you do not have a front bulge, it is useful to sew the front seam closed. This seam is marked with ’-‘.

Step 5: Gusset


If you do not have the large back gusset option, you just need to sew the little diamond shaped gusset in the right spot.

  • Match all the notches of the gusset with the legs and seams. Be careful, since you’ll be sewing a circle to an outline, and that is always tricky to get right. Use a lot of pins, or clips, to keep the fabrics aligned.
  • Sew the seam from one side all the way to the other.

Step 6: Attaching the waistband

  • Align the waistband seam with the seam in the back.
  • Sew all the way around, attaching the waistband to the legs. Make sure you sew both pieces of the waistband into this seam. This seam will combine three layers, both layers of the waistband, and one layer of the leg pieces.

Step 7: Finish up

Now you can add the elastic to the leg openings. Otherwise finish those in any way you like.

You’re all done! Enjoy your Lumira leggings!