Bibi Body Block: Designer Notes

When I was designing the Tina top, I originally was basing the pattern on Teagan and Brian. However, Tina is supposed to work for people with breasts and Brian is mostly designed for menswear and doesn’t support much body and bust fitting. So I created Bibi as a base for Tina.

For Bibi, I reused code from Brian mostly for the sleevecap and armhole construction and added a basic front bust adjustment. Because Bibi is supposed to be usable for very different lengths, I also changed the sideline calculation to fit to the waist and seat measurements and added a sleeveless option. After some fine-tuning, this is basically the result.

While Bibi was specifically made to support people with breasts, it also works fine as a base for unisex clothes or t-shirts.

However, it’s also important to talk about what Bibi is not:

Bibi can be sewn as a simple top or dress, but it’s mostly designed as a building block for other patterns or your custom designs.

Bibi is highly customizable, but it does not itself represent a specific garment or follow a specific style. Some option combinations might not make much sense and you’ll have to experiment with different options yourself to find the design you’re looking for.

Bibi is also not a standard block/sloper for woven fabric. It only does a very basic front bust adjustment designed for stretchy knit fabric and will not work well as a base for fitted shirts and blouses from woven fabric.

The name Bibi is a little joke and comes from Bibi und Tina, a German audio play for children, where 13-year-old witch Bibi Blocksberg is a companion of Tina. So it kinda makes sense.