Hortensia handbag: What You Need

To make Hortensia, you will need the following:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • About 0.5 - 2 metres (0.6 - 2.2 yards) of a suitable fabric (see Hortensia Fabric options)
  • About 0.5 - 2 metres (0.6 - 2.2 yards) of lining fabric (see Hortensia Fabric options)
  • A zipper shorter in length than the zipper panel and matching the coil width selected
  • (Optional) About 1 - 2 metres (1.1 - 2.2 yards) of bias binding if you want to bind the side panel edges on the outside.
  • (Optional) Bag strap webbing double the length of the strap part with seam allowance and similar width if you don’t wish to make your own straps
  • (Optional) Interfacing if needed to strengthen fabric and/or for the strap

The amount of fabric you need is dependant on Hortensia’s size option. If you are uncertain of how much you need turn on paperless mode whilst viewing the pattern and add the bottom measures of Part 1 SidePanel, Part 2 FrontBackPanel and Part 3 BottomPanel to give yourself a rough estimate.