Umbra undies: Cutting Instructions

Umbra consists of a back piece and a lined front piece. This is the cut list:

  • Main fabric
    • Cut 1 front
    • Cut 1 back
  • Lining fabric
    • Cut 1 front

If you use a serger, you can cut away excess fabric with the knife, so use standard seam allowance.

If you don’t have a serger, I recommend using an overlook foot and a flexible overedge / fake overlock stitch with a seam allowance equal to the width of that stitch (usually 5 mm).

If you want to finish the leg openings with fold over elastics, you may want to skip the seam allowance for the leg opening on all parts.

  • Umbra is a great scrap buster. If you have fabric scraps from making a Teagan t-shirt or anything from a jersey fabric that has good stretch, this is a good way to use those up. If you only have smaller pieces, instead of cutting the pieces on the fold, you can cut both halves separately and sew them together. However, this introduces additional seams.
  • You can use the same fabric for the whole garment, including the front lining. Some people prefer using softer fabrics or different materials for the lining.