Lumira leggings: Designer Notes

I started working on this design when I decided I needed more leggings to cycle in the fall and winter. My previous pair was made with a commercial pattern, and they have served me well. The easy solution would have been to just make some more. But if I need some of these, there should be more people that do.

I decided to make this pattern so it allows for a waistband to be part of it. This should make for a good fit on a wide range of body types. It can optionally create a gusset that is relatively large in the back. This is both a nice design feature, and provides support for the rear. To exemplify this, you could use a contrasting fabric for this part.

The pattern’s gusset can be extended to the front to allow for a bulge. And since I wanted this pattern to be able to be used for cycling, there is an option to use a chamois, the padding you find in most cycling shorts.

This is a pattern that has no outside seams, so interesting designs on the fabric will not be distorted.