Tristan top: Designer Notes

Tristan is a fitted top with corset-inspired design elements.

It’s the result of a collaboration between Wouter and Natalia. This was a dream come true for me, Natalia, because I think Wouter is brilliant.

The original version had a lace-up back and was made for the Renaissance fair. I made it by tracing a new neckline and armholes on Noble directly on the body. Wouter thought it looked nice and we decided to turn it into a published standalone top design, with Wouter doing the code. Many messages, sketches, and mock-ups later, the result is Tristan.

Tristan allows the user a lot of control over the options. It’s a great introduction to prince(ss) seams, and since it doesn’t use a lot of fabric, could be a good project to use up scraps. Although Tristan has options for corset-inspired lacing, it is not intended to be historically accurate.

I chose the name “Tristan top” because I wanted something that sounded romantic and pretty and followed the traditional FreeSewing convention of a first name that starts with the same letter as the type of design.