Sandy circle skirt: Fabric Options

Main Fabric

A circle skirt is a very versatile garment and can be made from a variety of fabric. It all depends on your intended use and preferred style.

  • If you wish for an everyday, easy to wash skirt then Linen and Cotton is the way to go.
  • If you are looking for something more formal you may want to try Suiting Fabrics.
  • If you want something warm for the winter you can try Wools.
  • If wish for something flowy that drapes you can try lightweight materials such as Chiffon.
  • If you are want something for a special occasion who may wish to try Brocades and Silks.

Basically any fabric can be used to make a circle skirt you just need to find one that is right for you.


Keep in mind the weight, drape and body of the fabric. Do you want the skirt to hang? or do you want it to swoosh? do you want it to be rigid or flowy? Another thing to look out for is gathering, if you are making a gathered Sandy you will need to make sure your fabric can gather nicely or be pleated if you prefer. Circle skirts can look very different dependant on these things and whether you are making a full, half or quarter circle skirt.


Need some inspo? check out Sandy’s showcase page and see some finished Sandy’s made by our wonderful community.

Lining Fabric

Linings are optional for Sandy but you may need one if your main fabric is scratchy, sheds, hard to wash or is not nice to wear against skin. You will want to use lighter fabrics to reduce bulk such as lightweight Cottons and Silks.


Though pockets are not included in Sandy many people like to add them so make sure your lining can hold weight if you intend to make them out of the same fabric.