Lucy tie-on pocket: Fabric Options

Because pockets were worn by people in every layer of society historically what they were made out of varied intensely. Some were made out of sturdy and plain fabrics, marked with the owners initials. Others were made out of lavish silks or richly embroidered.

As such when it comes to fabric options the world is your oyster.

  • Modern prints make fun modern pockets
  • Use a plain cotton or linen for a more historical option
  • Have a lot of scraps? Make a patchwork pocket!
  • Pockets were often a first embroidery project, so go wild if you want to

The one thing to keep in mind is how stable your fabric is. If it is not very stable or you think it won’t hold very much weight, you can add a lining.

Additionally, if you are handsewing your pocket it is worth picking a fabric that isn’t too thick or heavy.

Your binding doesn’t have to be the same colour as the main fabric either. You can use it to add a fun accent, or make your pocket fancier. Bias binding curves easier around any curves, but you can just as easily use strips of fabric as a more waste conscious option.

The ties can be made from self fabric, or you can use something like a twill tape instead.

As always, whether you want to stick to historical practices or make something modern is entirely up to you!