Lucy tie-on pocket: Sewing Instructions


Lucy can be sewn by hand or by machine as you prefer. When sewing by hand, you can use a running stitch to sew the pocket pieces together and bind with a whipstitch.

Step 1: Constructing the Pocket

  • Bind the pocket slit.
  • With wrong sides together stitch the two pocket pieces together around the outside.
  • Bind the outside edge.

If you prefer you can french seam the outer edges of the pocket bag together.

Step 2: Binding the top edge and ties.

There are two methods for binding the top edge. One leaves the side edges of the top binding open so the ties can be threaded through. The second uses the tape for the ties to bind the top edge. Read through both methods carefully and decide which one you wish to use.

Using binding

  • Cut a piece of binding the length of the top edge + seam allowance.
  • Fold under the short edges of the binging and stitch in place.
  • Bind the top edge of the pocket bag with the prepared binding making sure that the folded ends are left open.
  • Thread a tie through the binding.
  • Finish the tie ends.

To make sure the binding is long enough, instead of cutting the binding down you can fold under one edge and stitch the binding to the top edge but before getting to other end fold under and trim the other edge of the binding then continue the stitching.

Bind with the ties

  • Use a piece of tape as binding and tie, attach the pocket bag to the centre of the tape.
  • Bind the top edge of the pocket bag whilst leaving the remainder of tape free.
  • Finish the tape ends.

Step 3: Enjoy!

That’s it! You’re all done! Now go stuff your new pockets to the brim!