Otis romper: Designer Notes

When my niece had a baby, I knew just what to do; sew her some clothes for the little one. And I had never made any clothes for infants. What they should look like was easy. I had kids of my own years ago, and the one-piece things should be easy to make.

What I did not have was a pattern. That meant that I should get one, or make one. That was not a hard decision; FreeSewing was definitely lacking in the infant-focused designs. Infants have the nice quality that while they are growing, they grow in each direction at the same pace. The only real challenge is that their head is a lot bigger in proportion than older specimens. A normal shirt with opening doesn’t work. But there are easy solutions to that, and these are used by all romper making manufacturers.

I incorporated the neck design with a simple body design, and a snap closure. Easy short or long sleeves completed the design.

According to my niece, they fit fine!