Waist to armpit

The waist to armpit is the measurement from your waist up towards your armpit, measured on the side of your body.

Since armpit is a bit ambiguous, we recommend finding the height that would be about the tightest possible sleeve that could still work. The height of the subcapular/posterior lymph nodes is typically a good spot.

Or, if you’re not certain where the lymph nodes under your arm are, you can follow this approach:

  • Stand up straight, yet relaxed, and let your arms hang loosely by your side.
  • Raise your dominant arm (the right if you are right-handed, or the left if you are left-handed) about 30 degrees sideways, away from your body.
  • Now reach to the side of your body with the other hand, placing the palm of your hand against the side, and your thumb on your chest pointing upwards.
  • Slide your hand upwards as far as you can without having to push anything out of the way.
  • Your index finger will now sit in the armpit, which is a bit too high. But your middle finger is a good spot to mark as the start of your armpit.