Lily leggings: Sewing Instructions


This is a garment made from a stretch fabric. So use appropriate seam solutions. A serger is a good way to do this, as are specific stitches that certain sewing machine provide. A zigzag stitch will do if that’s all you have.

Keep in mind that since these seams are always under tension, it may be a good idea to double them up, or provide a zigzag in addition to serging the seam.

Step 1: Construct the legs

  • With sew the crotch seam of the fronts together.
  • With sew the cross seam of the backs together.
  • With sew the front to the back along the inseam.
  • With sew the front to the back along the side seams.

Open the legs out after sewing the crotch and cross seams to make it easy to sew the inseam and side seams.

Step 2: The waistband

  • With sew the waistband together along the short edges creating a loop.
  • Fold the waistband in half lengthwise wrong sides together.
  • Pin the waistband to the legs matching the seam of the waistband to the centre back seam of the legs.
  • Sew the waistband to the legs.
  • Press the waistband up and away from the legs.

Step 3: Hemming

  • Hem the legs. It is recommended to two parallel lines of stitches to secure the hems.

Step 4: Enjoy!

  • Whether for leisure, sports or just for fun, go enjoy your new leggings!