Onyx One-piece: Fabric Options

This pattern is designed to work with stretch/knit fabrics, such as swim fabric, fleece, and jersey.

For unisuits, unitards, and other performance-oriented and form-fitting garments, four-way stretch fabric such a 20% spandex blend is strongly recommended. For more casual garments, such as one-piece fleece pajamas, kigurumi, rompers, and jumpsuits, most knit fabrics can be used. Fleece can be used to make warm winter pajamas, while jersey knit can be used to make a summer romper.

The raglan sleeves lend themselves well to using different colors/prints for the body and for the sleeves. Contrasting fabrics can also be used on the skirt or hood.

Lined portions of the garment lend themselves well to embroidery, as the stabilizer (strongly recommended) and stitching will be kept away from the wearer’s body by the lining. The chest, next to the zipper, is a particularly good spot, both because it’s prominent, and because the chest doesn’t stretch vertically much, since it’s near the zipper.

With swim fabric/spandex, it is recommended to make the neckband out of the same material used for the body. For less stretchy fabric, such as cotton jersey knit, ribbing is recommended.