Sandy circle skirt: What You Need

To make Sandy, you will need the following:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • About 2 - 6 metres (2.2 - 6.6 yards) of a suitable main fabric (see Sandy Fabric options)
  • Some interfacing for the waistband
  • (Optional) Facing for the hem.
  • Some sort of closure for the waistband (if not seamless)
  • (Optional) About 2 - 6 metres (2.2 - 6.6 yards) of suitable lining fabric (see Sandy Fabric options)
  • Elastic (if needed)

Due to the many different styles of Sandy it is difficult to precisely say what you need so we will go through some of the options.

Main Fabric

The length you require is dependant on how long and how full your circle skirt is, mid length and smaller should be sufficient with 2 - 2.5 metres whereas a floor length will require more. If in doubt buy a metre more than you think. Also don’t be afraid to piece if your fabric is not wide or long enough, it is better to have an extra seam than not to use the fabric you like.


Don’t forget that the waistband also needs to be cut from the main fabric.


If making a seamless Sandy you will need to make sure the width of your fabrics are double the length of your skirt pieces otherwise you will have to piece or add seams.

Lining Fabric

Lining fabric is only really needed if your main fabric is unpleasant to have against the skin or hard to wash. You will need the same amount as your main fabric if you are fully lining the skirt. If you only intend to make pockets with a lining you only need 0.25 - 0.5 metres of fabric.

Hem Facing

To add flare/keep the hems shape you may wish to add a facing to the bottom of the skirt. This can be done multiple ways such as the use of horsehair braid or tarlatan and really depends on the look you are going for and the fabric you are using.


If not making an elasticated Sandy you will need some type of closure. This can be just a zip that is inserted in to the waistband and seam or it can be buttons, dress hooks, or snaps with an overlapping waistband and an opening, placket or zipper at the top of the seam.


Elastic is needed if you intend to make a seamless or a closure free Sandy. Width-wise it will need to be able to fit inside the waistband, length-wise it will need to be able to fit around your waist.