Jaeger jacket: What You Need

To make Jaeger, you will need the following:

  • About 2.5 meters (2.8 yards) of a suitable fabric (see Fabric options)
  • Lining fabric, optionally different sleeve lining fabric
  • Two larger buttons for the front, and 8 buttons for the sleeves
  • A bit of lightweight fusible interfacing for local enforcement
  • Canvas for the fronts and collar
  • Tailor’s tape for the front edges
  • Some domette for interlining
  • Shoulder pads
  • Sleevehead wadding, with canvas if possible
  • Undercollar fabric
Where to get all this stuff

Making Jaeger is a fun and rewarding project, but getting all the required bits and pieces can be challenging.

That is because this kind of project is somewhat more ambitious than the typical home sewing project, and as a result, your local haberdashery is unlikely to stock all of these things.

If you know where to get them, great. If not, some (quality) suppliers sometimes sell a Jacket trim pack that includes everything you need.

Below is a list of suppliers we are aware of where you can get this. We have no affiliation with these suppliers.

If you know of other places that carries this stuff, please let us know.