FreeSewing Community Standards

Thank you for being part of the FreeSewing community. When you engage with us, or when you engage with others, please remember the following simple rules:

Be nice

We cannot accept comments that are either offensive in themselves or clearly offensive to others.

We ask you to avoid obscenities and other insulting language, to show respect for fellow users, public figures and the fundamental principles we hopefully all share.

Without wanting to be exhaustive, that means no racism, xenophobia, calls to violence, discrimination based on religion, ethnic origin, gender, age, body shape, language, ….

Don’t spam

We encourage you to post comments that stick to the subject and would appreciate it if you refrain from posting advertisements (for your businesses, blogs or websites, etc).

It is fine to post links to relevant information on other websites, but Spam and other off-topic items will be removed.

Don’t get us in trouble

Comments that are defamatory, unlawful or include copyright infringements are also against the rules. Impersonating other people or using fake accounts is also not done.

We will delete these types of comments and may ban users who keep on disregarding these rules.