Lumina leggings: Designer Notes

I started working on this design when I wanted to make a pair of cycling shorts. I had made a pair in the past, using a commercial pattern. And since you can buy the chamois separately, this is a great garment to make.

After starting this, I realized that there would be people who would want a more traditional leggings pattern. So I decided to make two patterns, one with a seam on the inside of the leg (traditional), and one without a seam on the inside (this one). I played with the idea to keep both patterns under one name, but it became obvious that it would be better to have two different patterns instead. Since this one was called lumina, I named the other lumira. As it may be, I quickly got distracted by the other version, and that one was published first.

Since this pattern has a panel on the side, it seemed easy to add a pocket option. So if you want to keep your mobile phone on you while working out, this is the pattern to use.

I was also in need of a pair of gym climbing pants. So this pattern has the option to have a positive ease setting, allowing you to use a non-stretch knit fabric. This makes for loose-fitting workout pants.