Jane 1970's Shift: What you need

To determine how much fabric you need for Jane you take:

  • Twice the length of your body pattern piece + the length of your sleeve pattern piece.
  • If your sleeves and gussets can fit alongside the maximum width of your body pattern piece, then twice the length of the body pattern piece will be enough.

This makes the total amount of fabric needed for Jane as the a-line shape is created by taking away fabric at the top of the shift and adding it to the bottom. Depending on how you cut the neckhole, it is possible to take the gussets out of that leftover fabric.

If you are sewing a historically accurate Jane you will want the following for your sewing supplies:

  • A fine linen thread (2/80 or 2/90, finer if comfortable)
  • Handsewing needles you find work with your size thread
  • Beeswax for waxing thread
  • A thimble is recommended for comfortable handsewing

If you are working with a sewing machine or not constrained by historical accuracy you will want some basic sewing supplies.