A formal Aaron, for parties

1 year, 3 months ago

Hi! TangerineShark here. I made this top for a wedding rehearsal dinner I had to attend in September (back when it was still plenty warm out for the “sun’s out, tum’s out” philosophy), and believe it or not, it’s an Aaron! Perhaps that’s not actually super-surprising, but it does have a few modifications to make it a touch more formal.

Namely, I drafted a little all-in-one facing to avoid having any visible stitching, bands, or bindings. Then, I sewed it to the neckline with good sides together, flipped everything inside out, and awkwardly machine-stitched as much of each armpit as I could from the inside. The rest I hand-stitched during video calls (hand-stitching/embroidery/knitting are the best fidgets). To avoid any flippy facings, I tacked down the facing along each side seam with a stitch-in-the-ditch. Last but not least, the hem is blind-stitched by hand.

The textile is a ponte, which meant that I could just leave the raw edges on the insides to avoid lumps and lines at the facing and hem. Word to the wise, though, ponte in general fits a little more snugly than a lot of other knits, so it’s the most form-fitting of all my Aarons. That was intentional in this case, but it’s good to plan for.

Apologies for the bathroom selfie, but extended family interlopers and a lack of better placed mirrors and all that… needs must sometimes.

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