Aaron modified to a dress

1 year, 4 months ago

Hey! FreeSewing user TangerineShark here! I modified this Aaron A-shirt by lengthening it into a dress.

TangerineShark in a modified Aaron dress, standing in front of a wild hedge of native plants and grasses.

Want to do the same thing yourself? Here’s how!

Cut out the Aaron front and back

  • Determine how long you want your dress to be.
  • Fold your fabric in half for cutting on the fold.
  • Place your Aaron front template on the fold, making sure to leave enough length below your Aaron template to account for the full length of the skirt and hem.

It’s better to go a little longer than you expect, as it’s easy to trim shorter or do a deeper hem if you’re uncertain of the final length.

  • Before cutting anything out, you’ll want to make one more measurement. Take your full seat measurement, and divide it by 4. Measure this distance in from the fold at the height of your seat (likely a short distance below the hem of your Aaron). Mark this point on your fabric, adding additional ease as desired. (I added about an inch).
  • Now it’s time to cut out your Aaron dress. Cut out the neck, shoulder, and armscye as usual. As you reach the waist, begin to cut toward the seat mark you made earlier, flaring or curving your cutting line to echo the side seam of your Aaron template.
  • Cut straight down from seat of your dress front to the hem. You may gently flare for a wider hem than seat as desired, but know that a significant difference will require you to curve your hem.
  • When you reach the full length of your dress plus hem, cut straight across horizontally, back to the fold.
  • Repeat all steps for the Aaron back.

An approximation of the result of the modifications to change the Aaron A-shirt into an Aaron dress.

Now’s the easy part!

You get to just follow the assembly instructions for Aaron, except with super long side seams. Before you hem your dress, try it on! I hemmed mine around ankle length, but experiment with hem depth. This is especially important if your fabric is stretchy or drapey, as it may stretch longer than you expect.

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