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  • Packer pocket Bruce by Naël with mini-tutorial

Packer pocket Bruce by Naël with mini-tutorial

7 days, 15 hours ago

The maker graciously shared details of this new packer pocket Bruce. Naël blogged about the creation of these here (in French): https://petitslutins.eu/tuto/boxer_packer.php

”I’ve combined two versions with the only difference being the option for the depth of the pouch. This option adds (or removes) the dart on the front piece. This piece is already meant to be doubled, so you just have to use one version with a pouch for the outside and one without a pouch for the inside.

”The pattern pieces look like this:

Pattern pieces

“Then to make the opening for the packer pouch, I’ve cut the top of the inside front piece 2cm from the waistband, then I’ve added 3cm so that the two pieces overlap and finally a hem allowance for each of the two pieces (mine was 1cm, I should have used more since it doesn’t overlap enough). The two pieces can be seen in the image at the top.

”Then to put it together, start by hemming the two modified pieces (I used a double needle), close the dart on the pouch before attaching the front pieces to the insets, then when you attach the front piece to the sides, overlap the flap so that it will give the desired result.

”I couldn’t test it with a real packer (which is usually heavier than my socks) but if there are problems with the stability of the pouch, it’s possible to add stitches between the flap and the pouch to close up the opening a bit more and prevent it from gaping too much.”

On the body

Hopefully a designer will be able to code this option into the FreeSewing Bruce design in the future. In the meantime, thank you to Naël for sharing their process!

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