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  • Modified Tamiko as a nursing cover

Modified Tamiko as a nursing cover

1 year, 5 months ago

The maker shared:

I used the Tamiko as a base to dupe a popular knit nursing cover! My version uses a 95% cotton/5% spandex mesh fabric. I ordered one yard but decided to hem it so I lost a few inches. I skipped most of the sewing (only did “C” as shown in the instructions) because this will be worn as an overlay, not a regular top, and I wanted it to open freely. I actually didn’t even sew “C” — I inserted Kam snaps instead. This was quick and fun to sew.

Tamiko in action

The garment rotated

The back of the garment, with a better view of the snaps

The open sides make this Tamiko flexible

Because this will be washed often, the maker hemmed the garment with fusible web adhesive and stitching