Embroidered Lucy Pocket by Xhex

1 year, 1 month ago

Would you look at this Lucy pocket that Xhex made? It’s incredible!

This Lucy started out as an old linen top with a few bleach spots. Xhex didn’t want to waste the fabric so pocket it was! Check out how she incorporated one of the chest pockets from the shirt into an inner pocket for her keys, so they wouldn’t scratch her phone -ingenious!

A pale disassembled shirt, where the chest pockets have been recut as the base for a Lucy pocket

But Xhex didn’t stop there - rather than leaving the outside plain, she embroidered it with these absolutely beautiful flowers and incorporated an embellished waistband with 3 different size options so it can be adjusted based on what else she’s wearing. While pockets may have traditionally been worn under other clothes, this one is so beautiful, we’d absolutely want to show it off!

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