Hugo by Gaëlle

February 15, 2023
Gaëlle's friend in their new Hugo hoodie

Gaëlle made this Hugo covered in cheerful little ...well I'm not sure what to call these squiggly little monsters, but they're clearly great. It's for a friend, and we would be delighted to receive something this fabulous. Check out that awesome coordinated striped ribbing.

A Hugo hoodie in pale blue, covered with blue, yellow, and green smiling blob shapes. While it's hard to describe a smiling blob effectively, know that these ones are stylized cartoons, have one or two eyes, and have the same weird charm of a Squishmallow. Another view of the Hugo hoodie. This hoodie on a person, with the hood pulled up to cover just about to their eyes.

And it gets better - there's even a bonus one with a blue plush lining in the hood, made for the same person. What a lucky duck!

A matching Hugo, but with Cookie Monster-esque blue plush hood lining

made byGaëlle

A french woman with a lot of burning passions