Duvet trousers ahoy!

1 year, 11 months ago

These excellent Paco pants were comixminx’s first FreeSewing pattern that she has made for herself! She provided some helpful notes on the process:

They are comfy 🙂 I did have to make some adjustments and I did some things a bit differently. The legs needed a bit of widening from the knee downward, and I added a yoke to raise the back rise by quite a few cm - without these changes it would have been hard to raise my knees without showing my bum.

I also did a two-part waistband with belt loops and a flat front (ideas taken from another pattern I’ve done recently for my kid).

I included one welt back pocket - the cutting instructions say to cut 2 back pocket welts but this must be a mistake, it is 2 per welt pocket that is needed (and as the instructions also say to cut out two back pocket bags the intention is clearly for you to make two welt back pockets).

Below we’ve included a picture of the yoke pattern piece and the yoke in place.

D120E4FA-7519-42DC-9F7E-52AAA6DBD121.jpg EDF11870-100E-4E5F-878E-D6BB508429D8.jpg

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