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Waralees and Wahid by brazenedMinstrel

1 year, 9 months ago

waralees2.jpg brazenedMinstrel has made two lovely Freesewing designs recently: the first is this pair of purple Waralees in soft fabric accessorized with a black fabric belt found on the street and a colourful one bought on a flea market.

The second make is another W item - this fantastic Wahid waistcoat which is entirely reversible! wahid1.jpg

wahid2.jpg You can see both sides of the waistcoat in the pictures. BrazenedMinstrel benefitted from the advice of their experienced sewist grandmother, who guided them in making it fully reversible. Instead of using a lining, they used 2 x the fronts and backs and stitched them with good sides together before turning it out and doing the armholes and bottom seam. There are buttons on both sides too, to cap it all.

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