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  • A full body Onyx swimsuit with swim skirt

A full body Onyx swimsuit with swim skirt

6 months ago

This is my favorite Onyx so far.

Featuring a hood, thumb holes, and long sleeves and legs, it provides nearly full sun coverage, leaving only the face, feet, and fingers exposed.

The swim skirt provides additional modesty and adds some flair.

It is fully lined, including the hood and sleeves, with all but one of the seams hidden inside the lining, and very comfortable. Center seam and outseam ease are 0%, while most eases controlling tightness are set to ~-10%, though wrist is at +11% to give room for the hand, and leg hem is at +10% to help it get over the foot. The skirt length is 100% and width is 126% and is gathered and topstitched into place with no hems or folding.

Fabric used is 80% nylon/20% spandex mid-weight swim fabric for the fashion fabric, and 80% polyester/20% spandex heavyweight swim fabric for the lining. Construction is done using a serger/overlock machine for the seams, and a twin needle using a triple stretch stitch for the hems.

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