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FreeSewing v2.22 is out, and will be the final minor release before v3

1 year, 8 months ago
By ???

We have released version 2.22 of FreeSewing. As always, a minor version bump indicates a new design, and this time it’s the Octoplushy design by Wouter.

Version 2.22 is planned to be the last minor release in the v2 branch. Momentum for version 3 has been building for a while, and during this weekend’s contributor call we decided we’d double down on those efforts and focus all our attention on the upcoming version 3.

What does this all mean?

In the short term, you might not even notice. FreeSewing.org will continue running the production-ready v2 code, while we start building version 3.

For developers and/or pattern designers, the situation is different. Effective immediately, our (default) develop branch in our monorepo is where we’ll be working on version 3 code. Version 2 code is now in the v2 branch where will will backport fixes for as long as version 3 is under development.

To keep up to date of all changes, please refer to freesewing.dev where we will over time document everything you need to know about the migration.

When can we expect version 3?

We have a lot of exciting plans, but they will take some time to manifest. I suspect the first production release of version 3 code, and the rollout on FreeSewing.org will be a matter for 2023.

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