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  • Monthly roundup - June 2018: German, Penelope, and more womenswear on the horizon

Monthly roundup - June 2018: German, Penelope, and more womenswear on the horizon

6 years, ago
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This is your monthly roundup of the freesewing news of the last four weeks, and a look at what lies ahead in the next month.

Looking back at June

After the mad scramble in May to get the new site ready for the GDPR deadline, June has (thankfully) been a bit let hectic.

Not that we haven’t been busy. We’ve resolved a few issues with the new site, and while there’s a few things that still need work, the most pressing issues have been resolved.

We’ve also completed the port of the documentation, which was something that was on our todo-list for June. It’s always nice to make a plan and then follow through on it.

With the migration demanding less of our time and attention, we’ve turned our attention back to building our pattern repository, and just before the end of the month, we were able to publish the Penelope Pencil Skirt.

The pattern was designed by @woutervdub, it’s his second pattern after he previously made Benjamin.

To make certain the release wouldn’t go unnoticed, we asked freesewing’s illustrator Roy van der Hel to drew an illustration for Penelope, and as always, he nailed it.

Fun fact: Roy van der Hel means: Roy from Hel, and that's his real name

Oh, and I’d almost forgot. The website is now available in German, so tell your German-speaking friends about it!

Looking ahead to July

As you could read in the Penelope announcement blog post we are planning more womenswear patterns, and that’s what our focus will be on in July.

Some of those plans are more mid-term, but we should be releasing a circle skirt pattern in July designed by @AlfaLyr, who also provided much of the Spanish translation of the site.

We also started working on a basic bodice block for women, but that will probably take a while to complete.

Watch this space.

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