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  • 2021 wrap-up: A new FreeSewing.dev and announcing our bug bounty program

2021 wrap-up: A new FreeSewing.dev and announcing our bug bounty program

2 years, 6 months ago

I’m not going to do a whole blog post about 2021 stuff because I feel like most of us just sorta want to move on and forget about it, but if you were looking for a longer read, then here’s the table of content of our latest newsletter edition that also went out today:

  • 🎉 2021 is salted and burned
  • 🧐 What our contributors have been up to in 2021
  • 🎖️ FreeSewing is now an ‘all contributors’ project
  • 🚧 Why version 3 has been put on hold
  • 🤓 What I’ve been up to in 2021
  • 🐛 FreeSewing’s bug bounty program
  • ⛑️ Yearly revenue and where it went (spoiler: same as always)
  • 🤞 What I hope will happen this year

Here, I’d like to cherry-pick just those things that I think are exciting right now.

freesewing.dev has been rebuilt

The effort I started in the summer came to fruition on the last day of the year as I deployed the new freesewing.dev site in production.

It’s a complete redesign, and the code is now hosted in our monorepo, which means that our dedicated repository for freesewing.dev has now been archived.

This effort implemented a bunch of items from our v3 roadmap which has sort of grown into this long list of ideas/plans. From the top of my head:

  • Migrate to NextJS
  • Better open graph support
  • Migrate style to TailwindCSS
  • Migrate blog posts and showcase posts to Strapi
  • Migrate newsletter to Strapi
  • Move markdown content into monorepo & merge Crowdin translation projects
  • Add endpoint to backend for auto-generated open graph images

Have all been implemented as a direct result or side effect of this effort.

This site will also become the blueprint for an overhaul of freesewing.org, something that’s on the planning for this year.

FreeSewing’s bug bounty program

Once again, read our newsletter for the entire backstory, but here’s the gist of it: We are now launching the FreeSewing bug bounty program:

If you find a bug in one of our patterns, or in our core library, we will (with your permission) add you to our list of contributors, and send you a little something to say thanks.

So keep your eyes peeled, and if something seems off, let us know about it and we’ll send you some goodies

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