Rostic's excellent Wahid waistcoat

January 22, 2022
This lovely Wahid was made from floral cotton

Rostic made this great Wahid waistcoat! You won't want to miss the detail pictures below.

They shared:

wahid pattern worked out great for me! used some 1975 laura ashley floral cotton from my mum's collection and an old bed sheet for lining

I used the pattern to my measurements without any adjustments, it is a very good fit but I can still squeeze another layer underneath for warmth. I used the instructions for some of the assembly but not all - I assembled the outer layer and lining separately including the shoulder seams while leaving the side seams open. Then I sewed outside to lining at the armscye right sides together to have a clean finished edge that's easy to press at the shoulder. Next I sewed side seams right sides together; lining and outer layer form one long continuous side seam. Lastly I did the edges all the way around in two parts with what I've seen called the "burrito roll" technique.

For finishing I added pick stitching around all the edges (somewhat visible in one of the detail pictures showing the inside) and closures.

I didn't end up interfacing the full front since I didn't have enough on hand, but I think the materials are a good weight on their own. The outer floral fabric is a heavier 1970s Laura Ashley cotton. The lining is old bed sheet in an unobtrusive muted blue.

back.jpg front2.jpg front1.jpg 20211206_0954522.jpg pickstitch_insidefinish.jpg pocket_closures.jpg

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