Cornelius cycling breeches by ATightShipwreck

July 23, 2022
Cornelius with hips!

We dig these Cornelius breeches made by ATightShipwreck! They shared:

I have finished a pair of Cornelius Breeches. I do believe I added 3 inches of ease for the sake of "this body has hips"

I used a contrasting fabric for the pocket lining and added belt loops as well (Because I am a modern person with needs)

20220720_082454.jpg 20220720_111812.jpg

made byATightShipwreck

A creator at heart with a focus in historical sewing and fashion, I like to make garments inspired by a fusion of functionality, dramatic silhouettes, and the world around me.

I can be found in the wild on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at the same username.