Measurements estimates

To help you spot measuring mistakes, we show an estimate of your different measurements next to the actual value. When the difference gets large, we'll draw your attention to that.

This estimate is based on your neck circumference, so this won't show up until you've measured your neck.

This is a difficult area for us to work in

We want to help you get the best results, and that includes helping you spot issues with your measurements. On the other hand, we in no way want to imply that someone's measurements are wrong somehow.

We are an extremely size-inclusive pattern outlet, and a disproportionate amount of our users are people who struggle to find clothes or patterns from other outlets. So on one hand, it might seem like we're setting ourselves up for failure by comparing measurements to a set of more or less standard measurements. But you know your body. You know which of your measurements deviate from the average. And us pointing out that they do is in a way only confirmation that you've been measuring correctly. On the other hand, if something jumps out where you are fairly average sized, you know to double-check those measurements.

Last but not least, while we try to provide guidance about measurements to help spot mistakes, we never exclude anyone based on size or measurement. No matter what you throw at us, we will draft a pattern for you, or (our software will) die trying.